The common goal of unity that we all share brings this gathering together...

For the chance that like minds would share like visions of a better world, in the end we could realize that all are one...

Welcome To Unity

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Hello, my name here is Deva Tarpana – a name gifted to me by a dear friend who believes that love is all that should be... It means divine sacrifice and though I have not asked him why he chose this particular name I would guess perhaps it is with understanding that nothing in this world worth having, peace and unity included can be achieved without a little sacrifice on the behalf of those working for it. Here we do not ask for much, only that you be willing to share freely of your time, and your love with all other members who enter.
So we welcome everybody who would bless us here by joining our mission for unity...
and we would ask that you invite others as well but before you do we would like to explain what this is about and why we are doing it. There are literally thousands of people in our world today who wish to see a change. Each individual is sharing their own light in their own way to help bring unity and peace to our world yet they are all working independently of each other. Unity is about bringing that light all together - to join that energy and bring into one place as one focused thought, feeling and intent for peace and wellbeing. There aren't many rules here...because we don't believe the type of people who would enter here would or should need guidance as they will have already found their own connection with the spirit and will have already received the guidance they need. We only ask a few things, first please understand this is not a site for promoting or selling of either your products or your services, it is a site dedicated solely to the coming together of people interested in peace and unity for humanity. We also ask that you have and show respect for all the others people here and their beliefs no matter how far off the wall or out of the box you may think they are...
We are not here to judge, condemn or to convert - we are here to come together in a global effort to create oneness and unity...
Please feel free to add content as you wish, share your thoughts and your feelings, your art or music be it created by you or simply appreciated by you. Above all feel at home here, and consider this your global family, an extended part of you and your spirit.
So welcome to Unity and thank-you for taking the time to add your energy and your voice to the call to become one....


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Our Journey has just begun.

Long had I thought, as the years sneaked by me. I showed the many signs of an ending journey. With a heart torn in two, I though it over. Deep in the darkness I would dwell for what seemed as if many lifetimes had went by. That voice that kept me in…See More
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Unity for humanity...


It is this common goal of unity that we all share that brings this gathering together. Reaching out through time and space, we call those who have received the pull to gather. In this space we find each other and share. Not to convince, but combine. To reach that summit of common ground on which we can stand together. For it takes but a small space on which to stand when so many share a common goal. That space has a name. Unity.

Unity was never meant to take your spirit or your energy away from the amazing work that you are all doing everyday to bring light into the world. Unity was created to honour and acknowledge that work. You have all created networks and built a very strong foundation upon which the movement for worldwide understanding and peace can be created. Unity is merely in recognition of that. Unity is a place where you may if you wish bring those networks together and unify your efforts.
Your work is so very important because it is your work. It is the heart and soul of who you are the very core of your being. It is in fact the awareness of your work that has inspired and birthed the creation of Unity. It is simply our way of saying we see you, we hear you and we know you. It is our way of thanking you for all that you have done and are doing to make our world a better place.
Unity is yours, for you, all about you and all that you do; because when you and I come together, you and I become we and in our hearts I think we all know that together we are Unity.

Please be aware that this is an all ages site so we ask that you keep that in mind when adding content, we also ask that you wholey and fully respect the voice of the youth present here as we feel that it is time their voices be heard.

The Blook Excerpts
Unity Prayer/meditation...

In this song of dissonance in which we all are part
Many rhythms which sound from many beating hearts
Notes without harmony clashing so loud
We ask for one melody to rise above the crowd
Then follow the harmonies, one note at a time
Until we resound with a frequency Divine
The breath of our many lives blowing strong
To play the trumpets as we all sing along
Then follow the strings as they sound a serenade
Complimenting the sweet reeds whisper that's played
And with one composition of love in our souls
We harmonize and so this symphony unfolds
At last as we come together as one
We see that this song of Unity is done
This is the prayer we seek to become
Hand in hand, heart to heart, we all become one.

Blessed Be!

Unity song written by Korey Tuttle....

Unity Song

Underneath the full moon I sang words of pain and despair. It was only the heartache of the world I was feeling. These times plague me like a knife driven deep into my heart. Where is the love? Why is there so much pain? What can I do to make the world smile again?

Then I found you crying with words like me, asking the same questions and wondering why this is the way it must be. Two kindred spirits lost in confusion, watching things spin out of control. We sang out together, hoping two voices would ring loud enough to wake up the love that had gone missing. Our words traveled on the air waves in frequencies so high that even the heavens would feel our pain.

The song was simple. I’m surprised no one sang it before. No words but one, imbued with feeling, with love. A collective timing of that single song spun round the Earth until those who could hear realized the music was what they had been looking for. Like sunflowers to the sun, they turned toward the song. Like insects drawn to the light, they followed the sound. Like hearts open for reception, they drew in our one word song until all the masses gathered to sing the song we started.

The song was Unity.
A Gift from a friend...

the man of noble races other than your own, who carries out, in a
different place, a combat parallel to yours -- to ours. He is your
ally. He is our ally, be he at the other end of the world. Love
all living things whose humble task is not opposed in any way to yours,
to ours: men with simple hearts, honest, without vanity and malice, and
all the animals, because they are beautiful, without exception and
without exception indifferent to whatever "idea" there may be. Love
them, and you will see the eternal in the glance of their eyes of jet,
amber, or emerald. Love also the trees, the plants, the water that runs
though the meadow and on to the sea without knowing where it goes; love
the mountain, the desert, the forest, the immense sky, full of light or
full of clouds; because all these exceed man and reveal the eternal to
you.” ~~Savitri Devi quote

A gift from a friend...

Man in his worldly progression,
possessed by his worldly possessions
Knowledge of text,his brain so perplexed
taking therapy for his regression.
Creation has riddled mankind,
and since man has discovered his mind
he tries to relate and accept as his fate
the answers to life he can't find.

Sue Laver 1980

Blog Posts


Posted by Esta Lior on July 8, 2014 at 7:35am 0 Comments



I have synthesized some notes into a blog-series.…


Our Journey has just begun.

Posted by Cherokee S A Baker on June 19, 2014 at 4:51am 0 Comments

Long had I thought, as the years sneaked by me. I showed the many signs of an ending journey. With a heart torn in two, I though it over. Deep in the darkness I would dwell for what seemed as if many lifetimes had went by. That voice that kept me in the light, had not even uttered a word. I could feel the darkness taking its hold, pulling me down into its depths. No longer had I been afraid of it, instead I had embraced it. Fearing the light that had kept me warm for so long, only for it to…


The Spark

Posted by Kisharblaze on February 17, 2014 at 2:34am 0 Comments

In the darkness I found a spark, not a flame, just a spark. It glowed dimly in the corner of this place of despair. I walked over to this little spark to see what was giving it its scant bit of fuel that kept it glowing. My eyes had been blinded by so much light that it took a while to refocus and see what was the source of this faint little glow. As I sat down, patiently waiting until I could see in the darkness around this spark,…

Thoughts of Unity....

by Korey Tuttle...

The differences do not matter. They are but dissonance in the song of creation meant to provide enough disruption for time to run its course. The time has come to harmonize this great song. Divinity is not about choosing one people or doctrine. Rejoining of the Light, (entrance into heaven) is for all who walk a path of truth and love. There is pure truth in every doctrine just as there is misinterpreted information. It is this blindness in following the words of man and believing that they have remained true in their definitions over time that has caused the dissonance to override the melody. It is for this reason that time is at hand for some simple understanding to be revealed.

Truth is light and love. Anything depicted as favoritism or punishment for not following one belief is not Divine. Divinity is forgiving. Divinity is understanding. Divinity knows your heart and soul and every reason you bear. There is no trial to await you; there is only your bliss. The only punishment you will receive will be self made as it comes from choosing the wrong bliss. If you seek love and truth in earnest, you will rejoin the Divine when you die. If you seek approval from man or man’s doctrine solely on the assumption that it has never been corrupted, you will not rejoin the light until you are free of all shadow. It is not actions, but what intent lies within you that determines your fate.

Whatever way you are led by the light to believe is the way for you. It does not mean it is the only way. Words are fickle and easily tainted and stained by time. There is no chosen people except it be the people who choose the way of love and understanding and unity. Not unity in doctrine, but unity in love, because love is the only truth. Absolute, unconditional, nonjudgmental, all encompassing love. There is a markedly vast difference between religion and spirituality. Spirituality is knowing what is Divine because it is written in your heart and soul by the Creator. Religion is following man’s opinion on the subject. Spirituality is personal. Religion is public.

I have heard the dissonance for far too long, and it hurts my ears and breaks my heart to know that so much disruption travels through this Divine song unnoticed. I only write this in the slight hope that maybe people will listen and stop fighting over these insignificant differences. Nobody is saving anyone else’s soul by converting them to a particular doctrine. The security of any soul is only achieved through reaching an understanding of truth between that person and Divinity. There does not have to be anyone else involved. But do not take my word for this, take the words of a 5 year old boy who had never been to any church or read any doctrine. He understood from birth what is Divine and had me write it down. It was written in 1995. It is called Love.

Love is God’s power.
Love is God’s wisdom.
Love is how God does everything.
If there was no love, there would be no God.

But hate you never want to do.
‘Cause hate is the devil’s way, it’s true!
If you ever do hate, you will be God’s worst enemy.
Never hate. Always love.

That is all it is about people, love. No fighting over who is right or wrong. No attempt at telling someone else your beliefs and expecting them to conform. Just plain and simple love between you and the Divine. What else matters?

"Spirit has Made the Call"

The Following was Written
about 2 years ago, By Father God and I.. We Just Found it Now Floating
Out there Amongst the Lightworker Groups again and would Like to Repost
for ALL of You Also... With ALL our Love!! Love Mother and Father God

Purpose, purpose..... ..living in the moment , on purpose, traveling
through the moments....with purpose, which now has landed us HERE

....now spiraling towards a new beginning, a BRAND NEW LIFE EXISTENCE,
brace yourselves as those who have chosen to ascend into the depths of
consciousness begin expanding and allowing the higher self to guide
one into Higher realms opening the Doors....

deeper and deeper diving into the oceans of Un-conditional love and
direct connection to source coming from within, needed for the
continuum of evolution and to assist humanity out of the chains and
bondage of a limiting box....

here we go, healing our inner worlds so that they may shine bright as
the Morning stars we all Truly are, and become whole and as One
....here we go collectively choosing our GRANDNESS and spreading this
to the cores of our Hearts connecting to the Planet and connects US
ALL, As we Heal and make this connection this opens the energies of
Love to pour inside every Heart beating

.....brace yourselves as old belief systems come tumbling down and
replaced with Equality for ALL On The Planet
which Ushers in
Love, and Harmony....shedding our "EGOS" and becoming the "GREATEST
OR PRESENCE.... even since existence

......as those of us who chose this path are now fulfilling our
contracts to ourselves to be the Love we are.....healing ourselves to
heal the Planet, healing that comes not from only this lifetime as
well as the other countless times we have been here

....Here we are ready, to finally take the LEAP........ in creating
HEAVEN ON EARTH as each of us wake up and discover "OUR TRUE PURPOSE"
for being in -carnation at this time....each of us "waking up to the
part we play" in creating this grand experience

....keep your eyes closed if you must, even stay asleep if you would
like, its going to happen....some of us would like this to be
gradual....our advice HOLD ON....CHANGE IS DEFINATE, Because "Spirit
has Made the Call, Its the Moment for all To Go Home" its the clarion
call and the Angels are Singing

...The doors have been opened, Love is in the Drivers seat, and Love
says Its the Moment all Come Back Home........
..Here we go as we
ascend INTO.....Un- Conditional Love, and True Oneness with ALL, for
life on Earth=Heart and beyond and all becomes ONE again

... so Grand its hard to imagine, However when Love is Present ALL
.....Heaven on Earth is REAL..... Because LOVE IS REAL......Namaste'
We Love you Written in Service to the Love and Truth on Planet
Earth=Heart The White Eagles Also In Truth, Mother and Father God Amon R


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A Gentle Reminder...

I would just like to remind everyone that we ask one very special thing for all members of this site. Please do not use this site to sell or promote products or services. You are more than welcome to post links to other sites featuring your own work but we do ask that you be willing to share your creative endeavours here on this site without requiring anything in return - unfortunately we cannot do anything about the automatic promotions that the creators of ning post though blessedly they seem to be all about charity and raising awareness - however we would ask our members to take Unity a few steps beyond what the world now knows to be reality and remove the materialistic element from our movement for oneness and unity - Thank you...

Love, light and laughter all round

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